Bringing Together Environment and Transport

As an environmentally aware logistics enterprise, we continually strive to minimize our ecological footprint. This awareness is expressed through our choice of locations, our use of modern vehicles that comply with the Euro 6 emission standard, the optimized combination of transportation modes and many other of our business decisions.



Without mobility there is no economy. As an enterprise in the transportation industry, we are aware that transport contributes to environmental pollution.


It is not possible to reduce this impact to zero. However, we recognize our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact to an absolute minimum. As a founding member of the intermodal and combined transportation enterprise Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co. KG, we began working toward this goal early on and continue to actively help drive progress. With Emons Rail Cargo we have expanded our portfolio to offer daily container service between Hamburg, Leipzig and Dresden/Erfurt (vice versa), enabling us to shift transportation flows directly from road to rail in an environmentally friendly manner.



Our environmental policy
our commitment


Protecting people’s lives and well-being is the top priority of our environmental policy.

Legal obligations

We are committed to complying with all obligations or relevant environmental law and to fulfilling the needs and expectations of interested parties.

Environmental protection

We are committed to implementing appropriate actions to reduce waste and avoid polluting the soil, air and water.


We are committed to siting our operations so as to cause the minimum possible environmental impact for all stakeholders.


We are committed to selecting and developing our partners so that they can support us in achieving our environmental objectives. Our partners include our suppliers, service providers and in particular the transport businesses we contract with.


We are committed to deploying the latest available, economically justifiable technology to conserve resources and increase our efficiency.

Environmental performance

We are committed to defining and monitoring the parameters for our environmental performance, in keeping with the principles of continuous improvement.


We are committed to providing our employees with the knowledge they need to operate an effective environmental management system and build the competence and awareness of everyone involved.




We have learned from experience that environmental awareness, performance and quality are closely related. Consequently, we are constantly optimizing our environmental management system. Our environmental commitment is also cost-intensive. As a transportation enterprise, we recognize the special responsibility we bear. We reduce our emissions by means of state-of the art engine technology and low-emission driving techniques that we communicate in regular driver training seminars. We support the German business bicycle leasing initiative JobRad. We equip all our new buildings with photovoltaic systems and heat pumps. Our web hosting is powered by renewable energy sources. We reduce paper consumption and transportation by submitting digital invoices.