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Our IT and e-business platform provides professional services for exchanging order and invoice data, as well as information concerning the status of your shipments.

Shipment tracking

Welcome to the shipment tracking of Emons Spedition GmbH.
A small handout for the possible entries in the shipment tracking, you can find  here.


If you have received a tracking ID for Emons Spedition from your forwarder, you can check the status of your shipment below. Determine the status of a shipment


Modern tools for handling dispatch and accounting

The Emons applications “ESIS-K” and “ESIS-O” give you access to professional tools for fast and low-cost handling of dispatch. This enables you, among other things, to exchange your order data electronically and to control your dispatch efficiently.



Using a customary Web browser, like MS Internet Explorer, this application enables you to input shipment data directly over the Internet. To do so, you are given a well-structured and easy-to-handle application with which you can record shipments, incl printing of parcel labels with a few inputs.

An address organizer has been integrated into ESIS-K which can be successively built up or extended with the shipment inputs.

To use this application, all it takes is activation of a customer-specific account which will be made available by your Emons sales staffer. No program need be installed locally.

Find ESIS-K here…



This application lets you input, manage and dispatch extensive order or shipment volumes simply and efficiently. As possible integration tool between your ERP system and the data transfer to Emons, ESIS-O makes available various import interfaces that are used, e.g., for directly and automatically importing the shipment data from your merchandise management system.

Besides a comprehensive address organizer, you are given evaluation options via reports and statistics. Emons installs the program on the spot at your premises and provides training.


Direct link-up

Shipment data and status information
You can send the order data generated by your ERP system directly to Emons. Only at the start of this handling mode is it necessary to come to a bilateral agreement on the appropriate data format and the communication channel. Using such a link-up, we can also send you status information on your shipments in digital form.

One enormous advantage of handling things this way is the dispatch of the order data directly from your system without having to integrate a further processing step or additional software into your process chain.

Invoice data
Besides an exchange of shipment data, we can provide you with invoice data in a digital form upon request. Here, the data are processed in the “classic” format as EDIFACT file or in another bilaterally agreed format.

This handling mode enables you to directly export the invoice data to your settlement system. This gives you a tool with substantial savings potential in inputting or processing invoices.

Shipment tracing

In parallel with the planned merchandise flows, you should have information about the actually loaded quantities and likely delivery dates.

If you make use of one of the above handling modes for digitally exchanging shipment data with Emons, you have a comprehensive Internet Tracking & Tracing system for the shipment-status information at your disposal.

With this in-house tracing system, you receive information at any time about the status of your shipments that are en route. This system offers you extensive search or selection criteria to query the status of your shipments simply and quickly.

To use this system, you need access to the Internet and a customer-specific account set up by Emons which will be made available upon request by the Emons specialist unit in charge.

Find Tracking & Tracing here…