Cologne, June 21th 2024First Emons electric truck in operation


Emons serves Stuttgart city center with e-truck

Diesel fuel is the biggest emission factor in Emons' overland transportation. The switch to more climate-friendly vehicles with lower CO2 emissions is therefore essential and firmly anchored in Emons' strategy for future-oriented logistics. The first milestone in the conversion of the Emons fleet to alternative drive systems has now been reached.

Since June 17, 2024, Emons has been serving Stuttgart city center with an electric truck from FUSO, a Daimler brand. "On the very first day of operation, our driver delivered or collected 14 consignments and covered 62 kilometers. After 3.5 hours, the battery was 100% recharged with pure green electricity from our wallbox," says branch manager Rüdiger Bausch happily. Not only is the truck new, but the driver also had his first working day at Emons. Together, the two of them will certainly increase efficiency and deliver many consignments quietly and with low emissions every day. Less noise and the elimination of exhaust fumes will lead to a higher quality of life for the population in the long term.

The maximum range of the e-truck is 175 km. After 7 hours of charging, the vehicle is ready for use again the next morning for efficient logistics. With the first fully electric truck, Emons is helping to improve air quality in the city of Stuttgart and reduce noise.
Contact with the REALIST funding project was established in the Stuttgart inner-city logistics working group. The path to the first electric truck can be compared to a long-distance obstacle race. One bureaucratic hurdle was that the Emons forwarding facility is not located directly in Stuttgart, but a whole 6 meters away on the other side of the road in Ditzingen.

Two institutes at the University of Stuttgart are involved in the project: the Institute of Materials Handling and Logistics and the Institute of Power Transmission and High Voltage Technology. "It's good that the institutes for logistics and energy technology are dividing up the tasks according to expertise," reports Norbert Maas, fleet manager at Emons.

About Realist: REALIST is characterized by the unique coupling of logistics and the power grid, which leads to economically and technically feasible concepts. The aim is to accelerate the ramp-up of sustainable electrification of urban logistics transport in Stuttgart.REALIST is part of the Stuttgart Climate Innovation Fund.