Cologne, 02-18-2021Closed shops through lockdown again


Current effects of the pandemic on supply chains

Update to the effect due to the Corona pandemic regarding transports/transport contracts

All Emons sites have so far been operating without restrictions. At present, there is not a single suspected case of Covid-19 at any Emons site that has been positively tested and could not be isolated in time! Nor are we aware of any cases at partners in the Emons network at present. We handle your shipments with our usual high quality. You will find the right answer to many questions in our FAQOf course we are still here for you! Please feel free to contact your local contact person with your questions and requirements. We will take care of your request with priority and try everything necessary to find a solution for you.
Freight transports to most risk areas are still possible. Due to controls long waiting times occur at the borders. As a precautionary measure, please plan for more transit time.

UPDATE / reminder due to the second lockdown in many countries
As the ordering party and sender, you are responsible for handing over to us only goods that the recipient can accept. Therefore, please clarify before dispatch whether your goods can be delivered safely. It is not possible for us to store undeliverable shipments over a longer period of time, otherwise the handling in our depots will come to a deadlock. Unfortunately, we have to return undeliverable shipments to you at your expense.


In the following we will keep you informed about the latest developments.

In order to maintain the supply, drivers are expressly exempt from most restrictions such as quarantine, tests, etc. European supply chains are increasingly recovering after restrictions are relaxed. The departure frequencies to most countries are just slightly restricted. The transit times have mostly been normalized.

Germany - Update
From December 14th, 2020, Saxony will close all retail stores. From December 16th, 2020 all retail stores in Germany will close with the exception of grocery stores and stores for basic needs until March 7th, 2021. Health food stores, medical supply stores, drug stores, opticians, hearing aid acousticians, petrol stations, car and bicycle workshops, banks and savings banks, post offices, dry cleaners, laundromats, newsagents, feedstuff markets, Christmas tree sales and wholesalers will remain open. Hairdressing salons, cosmetic studios, massage practices, tattoo studios and similar businesses will be closed.

The Emons network in Germany is fully functional. All branches and partners are working as usual.

As a system-relevant company, we are increasingly there for you, especially during the crisis. Please also contact us if we can do anything for you beyond the normal cooperation; no matter whether it concerns staff, storage space or transport.

Belgique – UPDATE
The shops, with the exception of grocery stores, will be closed again from the end of October.

Denmark – UPDATE
The shops, with the exception of grocery stores, will be closed again from December 25th, 2020 until February 28th, 2021.

The shops are allowed to reopen from November 28, 2020.

Greece – UPDATE
From January 18th 2o21 shops are allowed to open again. From October 14, only the following seven border crossings are open for goods traffic – but these 24 hours a day.
– Ktismata – Kakavia (Albania)
Kapshtice – Krystallopigi (Albania) closed also for trucks from November, 24, 2020.
– Evzoni – Bogorodica (North Macedonia)
– Kulata – Promachona (Bulgaria) 24/7
– Ormenio (Bulgaria)
– Makaza – Nymfaia (Bulgaria)
– Kipi – Evros (Turkey).
Due to the limited truck capacities with hazardous goods equipment, please discuss ADR shipments with us in advance.

Great Britain

From December 23rd, 2020, drivers in freight traffic with a negative corona test will be allowed to enter France again.

From November 5th, 2020 until at least February 22th, all shops in England will be closed except for supermarkets and shops classified as necessary. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had closed most of the shops the week before.

Freight traffic is exempt from the border closings from September 1, 2020.

Complete lockdown from October 21, 2020.

Shopping centers have to be closed on weekends. In some regions there are stricter measures.

Netherlands - UPDATE
From December 15th, 2020 the retail trade will be closed until March 2th, 2021. This also applies to hardware stores, garden centers, electronics stores, department stores and furniture stores. Only supermarkets, drugstores, pharmacies, banks and weekly markets remain open.

Norway - UPDATE
Lockdown in the Bergen area for the postcodes 5000 - 5099, 5700 - 5714, 5721 - 5722, 5725 - 5726, 5783 - 5786, 5802 - 5899, 5907 - 5911 from 02/08/2021 to at least 02/14/2021. Since it is not clear which stores this affects, the sender is responsible for checking the possibility of delivery.

Part lockdown for the postcode areas 1600 - 1799 until 02/10/2021. The lockdown for Oslo is to be relaxed from February 4, 2021. Except for grocery stores, pharmacies and petrol stations, the retail trade was closed.

Austria – UPDATE
Tyrol was classified as a high risk area by Germany. The A22 north over the Brenner Pass will be closed to heavy traffic from 02.15.2021 at 3 a.m. Truck drivers must have a rapid antigen test that is no older than 48 hours. Longer leadtimes are to be expected for both export and import.

From February 8th, 2021 Austria will open trade with increased precautionary measures. The stationary retail trade has been closed since November 17, 2020.

Portugal – UPDATE
From January 15, 2021, all shops that do not serve daily needs will be closed for one month.

By reducing the departure frequency, the lead times are extended.

Slovakia – UPDATE
Due to the border controls in the Czech Republic, longer leadtimes are to be expected for both export and import.The stores are closed from December, 19th for probably three weeks. Only grocery stores remain open. The shutdown has been prolonged.

Spain – UPDATE
No lockdown, but severe restrictions on freedom of movement in regions with particularly high numbers of infections.

Switzerland – UPDATE
From January 18th, 2021 until the end of February, all shops will close, excluding those for daily needs.

Czech Republic – UPDATE
The lockdown was extended by 14 days on 02/14/2021.


Overseas – UPDATE


Ocean freight
In general, bookings until "Chinese New Year", i.e. February 12, 2021, are hardly possible. This applies to both imports and exports worldwide. That is u. a. because the shipowners took massive amounts of equipment out of Asia-Europe traffic in the summer and used it on more lucrative routes. In addition, exports from China are still booming.
Usable containers are hard to come by, space on ships is overbooked, and confirmed bookings are being rejected. The drop off of empty containers are sometimes no longer accepted at carriers inland depots in Germany. The price is also irrelevant, so far there was still a good chance of loading if the payment was high enough to satisfy the ship owner. This is no longer a guarantee. The alternative options such as Asian rail traffic and truck traffic from China are not an option due to overbooking, problems at the borders and the upcoming weather conditions.

Air freight
It is still a fact that the air freight volume, especially imports from China, is booming. In return, the backbone of air freight - passenger flights - is still reduced by around 90%. Due to the extremely limited space worldwide, there is a very high rate level. The prices are updated almost every hour, mostly upwards. Shipments are often unloaded and forwarded late, despite a confirmed booking.

Where, how and when can we deliver? Emons actively supports the OpenLogistics platform. Each of us has information on whether companies are closed or open. The aim is to consolidate this information and make it available to everyone. Please help us together to build up a recipient database to prevent logistics chains from becoming congested.

Delivery receipts are still required. Protect yourself and our drivers by wearing hygienic gloves when acknowledging and signing on the hand scanner with your own pen without a refill.

The effects of the corona virus on the international transport sector are serious. For information on air and sea freight, please contact your Emons Air & Sea specialists as early as possible!
The information reflects our current state of knowledge and is subject to constant change. We take no liability for the information provided.

Our plea to you: Please continue to grant our drivers access to your sanitary areas to enable the absolutely necessary hygiene measures.

Due to the Corona pandemic and the associated official and economic restrictions, the performance of transports assigned by you may be affected.
This applies in particular to transport to or from risk areas or goods from risk areas. We therefore ask you to observe the following special conditions with immediate effect, which remain part of the transport contract until further notice:
– If fixed loading times are agreed and the sender or loading points specify special protective measures during loading which affect the loading times, the loading times will be extended accordingly. A demurrage claim exists for the period of the delay. The rights according to § 417 HGB remain unaffected.
– If recipients or unloading points make the delivery of the goods dependent on additional protective measures or declarations by our company or the drivers employed, we shall comply with these measures in your interest, unless they are disproportionate. If the measures have an effect on the time and type of unloading (e.g. unloading outside a company site), this shall constitute an obstacle to delivery within the meaning of § 419 HGB (German Commercial Code) and may trigger a demurrage charge in the event of a delay.
– Delivery times shall be extended accordingly by protective measures specified by the sender, recipient or third parties.
– We are exempt from liability according to § 426 HGB (German Commercial Code) if losses, damages or exceeding of delivery times are due to protective measures ordered by the sender, recipient or third parties (especially authorities). This applies in particular to possible driving bans in risk areas and concrete dangers to our driving personnel from a corona virus infection.